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San Diego is one of America’s most exciting cities. From natural attraction sites to historic museums to romantic activities, there’s nothing you wouldn’t enjoy in California’s Finest City.  Activities range from hiking to enjoying a good time at an exotic beach to sipping San Diego’s native wines to enjoying beautiful live music while watching the sunset. All this makes San Diego the perfect place to build memories with your significant other. 

Instead of the usual evening dinner dates or movies, you can spend your romantic vacation doing new exciting activities. Whether you’re a honeymooning couple or you just want to spice up your love, or you need to take a break from the pressures of life and escape with just your special someone, here are the eleven most romantic activities you can enjoy in San Diego. San Diego has so much to offer, we initially wanted to give you at least ten ideas, but ten is never enough, so we made it 11. Adios!

1. Spend A Night At A Comfortable Furnished Home

Yeah, after landing in San Diego, the first thing you’ll want is a good night’s rest before you start enjoying your vacation. And which better place to stay on a romantic trip than at a comfortable and fully furnished home?  You’ll definitely love Wander Rentals’ fully furnished Airbnb with a comfortable bed perfect just for couples, a hot shower, WiFi, a large living room with TV, and a modern kitchen. Leave your car securely parked in the ample parking lot and enjoy a quiet evening in a serene environment with round-the-clock security. Wander Rentals Airbnb comes with a modern kitchen, so you can spruce up a romantic dinner together and enjoy a home away from home experience, or you can head over to Serea restaurant overlooking the sea for a quick dinner then spend the evening walking along the beach as the sun sets in the distant horizon. Head back to your room for the night as you look forward to all that San Diego has to offer.

2. Check Out San Diego’s Best Winery

You won’t have enjoyed San Diego’s rich culture until you have tasted its various native wines. The most popular place to check out San Diego’s winery is in Temecula, where you get to sample different types of locally brewed wine.  But that’s not the best San Diego gas to offer. Head to downtown San Diego to Bernardo Winery for the best and oldest winery, explore the wine tasting room, and stop by adorable shops with hand-crafts. Move up to the north county and try out the wine at Salerno Winery in Ramona. Take pictures at the winery’s sculptured garden and its ample outdoor space, complete with scenic views of the vineyards. You can even do the night there as the place is too romantic and perfect for a quiet date.

3. Go Strolling Around Balboa Park

Balboa Park, San Diego’s most famous attraction, isn’t just for tourists. It’s the perfect space to bring your special someone at night or during the day. Go to the Old Globe Theater for a memorable evening or stop by one of the museums and gaze at the city’s rich history and culture. Stroll lazily through the stunning gardens and early 20th-century architecture. This place is also perfect for a picnic lunch. Just find a quiet spot away from the crowd and spend some quality time with your date and favorite food.

4. Take A Cruise On San Diego Bay

If you want to see the full glory of America’s Finest City, do it from the deck of a boat. A cruise along San Diego bay presents several romantic cruising options, such as a formal date cruise or a casual romantic cruise at the harbor during the day. But for a romantic couple, sunset cruising is the perfect option as it allows you to gaze at the San Diego skyline at night. Enjoy the sea breeze, the colorful birds, and the breathtaking downtown San Diego aboard Hornblower Cruises and Flagship Cruises & Events.

5. Book A Romantic Night At Gaslamp Quarter

The very name of Gaslamp Quarter sounds too romantic. This place is home to several historic sites and exotic wine bars, clubs, restaurants, and speakeasies such as Noble Experiment. And oh, you can afford the type of fun you want here since there’s something for everyone. Make the date more fun by going on the Murder Mystery Tour or spicing up the night with a movie at the  Theater Box. Take as many Instagram-worthy photos and enjoy the desserts from its Sugar Factory.

6. Take A Hike At Torrey Pines State Reserve

Perhaps all you want is to get away from all the noise and pressure, and Torrey Pines State Reserve offers you just that. Walk with your sweetie along the rocky cliffs of the San Diego coastline and enjoy watching the stunning gliders cruising through the sky. Lie on the sand in one of the nearby beaches and enjoy the natural skyline and the sound of the waves or take a hike in one of the nature trails.

7. Stroll Along Embarcadero To Seaport Village

The romantic Embarcadero along the San Diego Bay is one of the famous places you can take your significant other for a lazy stroll. With its serene public parks and picnic spots, you can enjoy a good time there with your best friend. Just grab a picnic lunch at nearby Little Italy at Mona Lisa Foods or one of the many restaurants available there. Stop along the way and admire the Unconditional Surrender statue near the USS Midway Museum and other pieces of unique art scattered along the Embarcadero. Drop at the Portside Pier for some pub fare or gelato if you need a quick bite or take good quality pictures for the memories.

Suppose you want to do a little shopping or grab a quick snack, head south to Seaport Village. Stop at the nearby entertainment area, The Headquarters, and the famous restaurant for date nights— Eddie V’s.

8. Pick Apples At Jullian

An hour away from La Jolla, is Julian surrounded by its stunning mountains and towns, which are ideal places to explore and pick apples at the many local orchards.

Beginning in September, you can pick apples there any day until they run out, a perfect way to spend a romantic trip in San Diego during Fall. And yes, you can pick and keep the apples that grow from the thousands of apple trees in this nature-filled region. Whether you’re a single couple, a family, or a group, let each of you fill a bag with varieties such as Golden Delicious, Empires, and Fuji. Some of these orchards will offer you an apple pie, fresh apple cider, and apple preserves for your sweet tooth.

9. Enjoy A Full Moon Dinner Cruise

Imagine gazing at San Diego’s stunning skyline under a radiant full moon while cruising lazily aboard Hornblower Cruises’. Can anything be more romantic than that?

The full moon dinner includes a glass of rich champagne, a three-course dinner, beautiful music, a dance session, and a wonderful time under the stars. With a ticket of only $85 per person, enjoy all this, plus the sights and sounds of San Diego bay.

10. Take A Night Stroll At Liberty Station

If you are looking to enjoy live music performance,  public salsa dances, theater, and a meet and greet with working artists, then visit the iconic Liberty Station Arts District every first Friday of every month between 5 pm to 9 pm. Walk hand in hand inside the museums and galleries.

Stroll through the Visions Art Museum’s exhibits and wander through the San Diego Comic Art Gallery. For a wide selection of statues, independent comics, action figures, and graphic novels, stop by the Comickaze Comics. Wrap up the evening with a quiet romantic dinner at one of the food parlors in Liberty Public Market.

11. Enjoy An Outdoor Movie At Dive-In Theater

If you have never enjoyed an outdoor movie, then you can’t afford to miss this romantic opportunity. Take your special someone to Drive-In theater for an exciting outdoor movie. Spend the evening enjoying a good movie treat under the stars.

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You want your trip to San Diego to be as memorable and blissful as possible. You want to spend each day exploring all of San Diego’s best places and enjoying these activities. But most importantly, you want to find the best and affordable places to stay in San Diego during your vacation. And Wander Rentals are here to offer you nothing short of the best. From furnished apartments with swimming pools and exceptional amenities to stunning Airbnb’s at affordable rates, Wander Rentals has everything you want and need. Contact us to book your place or view our inventory of what we have to offer.

Big Bear is an excellent destination due to its crisp mountain air and blue skies. For starters, the lake banks and high mountains offer cooler temperatures all summer long. It also provides an excellent alpine playground setting due to the abundance of incredible forest trails brimming with activity. To ensure your vacation is everything you want it to be, here are the top 10 must-do activities in Big Bear this summer.


Enjoy a Scenic Hike

Big Bear offers miles and miles of scenic trails around the San Bernardino Mountains and the lake. You get to enjoy everything — from lengthy treks to short and easy outings — depending on your preference. The 1.5-mile Woodland Trail loop offers picturesque lake views with 16 educational posted stops. Therefore, you get the opportunity to learn about the area’s botany, geology, and wildlife.

Equally, the popular Castle Rock hike is an ideal hiking location for families. It is a 2.4-mile round trip through a seasonal waterfall and dense forest that is nothing but captivating. The hiking trails are filled with colorful endemic wildflowers in Spring and Summer that will leave you wanting more.


Have Fun Cycling

While walking tends to get most people feeling relaxed, there is nothing better than cycling along dirt roads. Therefore, you have to check out the Alpine Pedal Path while visiting Big Bear. It is an outstanding location that offers a paved path suitable for all levels of cyclists.

The Alpine Pedal Path is over there miles long from the Serrano Campground to the Stanfield Cutoff. There are also benches scattered throughout the route where you can stop to rest.

Ensure you look out for bald eagles or gaze out at the spectacular views while resting along the way.


Go for a Picnic

Most people are likely to enjoy picnics while traveling than when in their hometown. Going out for a picnic in Big Bear is much more memorable than eating out at a restaurant. The Boulder Bay Park, a couple of miles off Big Bear Dam, presents you with an ideal location for an afternoon picnic.

Spring turns the entire location into a subtle lush green with blooming plants, trees, and flowers. Summer brings in a concert series thanks to the park’s bandstand. Fall, on the other hand, transforms the area with vibrant foliage and spectacular natural beauty. It’s an excellent picnic spot that doesn’t disappoint all year long.


Sample the Local Craft Beer

Are you a brew enthusiast looking to sample Big Bear’s local beer in a historic lodge? The Big Bear Mountain Brewery is an excellent stop during your vacation. You get to enjoy a local handcrafted beer at the onsite brewery and taproom.

There is also a superb kitchen that offers local delicacies to pair with your beer. Of course, you can always try out the famous chili that is crafted with locally brewed Red Ale and covered with onions and cheese. However, start by sampling the miniature-sized beers to find the drink that best suits you.


Experience Authentic Kart Racing

Not many places offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy kart racing. Individuals who are looking to feed their need for speed will find Big Bear Speedway to be exceptional. The SODI RT8 Karts ensure you have an authentic experience during fall and summer.

You also get the chance to choose between a double and single training kart. However, the double option with two steering wheels is excellent for parents with little ones. The track includes everything from s-curves to hairpin turns.


Master Your Water Sport Skills

If you are looking for opportunities to showcase your water sports skills, Big Bear Lake is a glorious place to start. The opportunities to engage in water sports are endless, from pontoon boating to jet skiing and canoeing. What most people love is the chance to practice their fishing skills at hooking bass, trout, and catfish.

The lake also offers water-skiing, powerboating, and windsurfing which makes it a must-visit location. Ensure you get into the smaller vessels — like kayaks and canoes — to get a better view into hidden coves, bays, and inlets. You can always rent out a water vessel at any one of the numerous marinas if you are feeling more adventurous.


Try Horseback Riding

Ensure you try out horseback riding if you are looking to enjoy the stunning Big Bear scenery in style. You get to enjoy plenty of hidden gems without needing to go for a strenuous hike. Therefore, horseback riding lets you enjoy more of what Big Bear has to offer within a short period.

Baldwin Lake Stables, east of The Village, provides a wide range of rides, including a breathtaking half-day ride that goes through the Pacific Crest Trail. The two and three-hour ride ensures there is something for everyone when you visit this sensational establishment. Ensure you check out the private ride and sunset ride options as well.


Visit the Zoo

In 1959, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo was established to help rehabilitate injured animals after a forest fire. Located across the spectacular Big Bear Ski Resort, it includes more than 85 different species. There is no better place to have breathtaking views of black bears, wolves, owls, bobcats, arctic foxes, and so much more.

What is most intriguing about Big Bear Alpine Zoo is the abundance of docents scattered throughout the establishment. They provide hands-on tools and artifacts that can teach you about the rescued and rehabilitating animals. Ensure you sign up for the docent-led tour t get valuable information about all the different species in the zoo.


It’s Time to Zipline

Did you know that Big Bear offers zip lining? Through Action Zipline Tours, you can get to fly across high-speed zip lines that range from 140 to 860 feet long. The adrenaline rush of racing over rocky canyons and through the treetops is out of this world.

Ensure you enjoy the stunning mountain views that Big Bear has to offer while you zipline at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. The first three zip lines are excellent for beginners who need to get comfortable before trying out the remaining six zip lines that get progressively longer and faster. There is even a suspension bridge included adding a bit more thrill to your adventure.


Entertainment and Shopping

The Big Bear Village is a charming destination that offers endless opportunities for entertainment and shopping. There are lots of family-friendly attractions, including bowling, arcade gaming rooms, and urban scavenger hunts. The locally-owned restaurants offer international cuisines that will leave you wanting more.

Ensure you look around for unique gifts and locally made crafts while strolling through the village. Finding an excellent souvenir to remind you of your Big Bear Vacation always comes in handy.


Find a Suitable Short Term Rental Home

Whether looking to pass through or spend quality time in Big Bear, it is vital to find the perfect rental home. At Wander Rentals, we offer short-term rental homes to ensure you have a wonderful stay in the Big Bear area, California. Ensure you contact us today to book your home away from home.

It’s given that San Diego has practically perfect weather, world-class beaches, and some of the best breweries in the country. But are there any activities that one can carry their children along with everyone having fun? As someone who’s looking for family-friendly activities to do in San Diego, you are probably looking for a blend of activities that will leave your brood feeling satisfied at the end of the day. That said, here are the top 10 engaging family fun activities to do to keep all ages content during your stay in San Diego.

  1. The beach

The beach always tops the list of top ten things to do in San Diego. The beaches offer a fun place for people of all ages to have fun and pass the time. No matter the time of the year you visit, you are still guaranteed to have a great time. You can surf or have a relaxing day and enjoy the day while the children build sandcastles.

  1. Eat ice cream while supporting social change

Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream isn’t just any ordinary ice cream shop. The parlor was co-founded by Daniel Szpak, a San Diego resident who wanted people to enjoy their favorite frozen treat while supporting local change, so he started Scoop San Diego.

Scoop San Diego seeks to raise funds for nonprofits in the area that support at-risk citizens in San Diego. When you buy a ticket to one of their festivals, you get the rest of your vehicle’s occupants (in this case, your family members) an ounce of taste from all the 25+ participating vendors. This means you and your kids can enjoy treats from Mr. Trustee, Gelati & Peccati, Snoice, Holy Paleta, and many more vendors.

The best thing is that if you have a dog, they are also included. The festivals have unique stops that serve doggie ice cream, so your pup doesn’t feel left out on all the fun. The vendors also include dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan options, so best believe everyone is included.

  1. Take your doggie for a trip

Speaking of doggies, San Diego also offers an inclusive Cardiff Dog Days of Summer that involves dog-related vendors, pet adoption agencies, and rescue groups. You can buy your four-legged friend new toys at the festival while enjoying live music, food trucks, quality handmade goods, and a beer garden.

You can also enroll your pup into the full lineup of beauty contests that include various categories like best trick, best looking, cutest puppy, and best-dressed dog. Winners of the doggy pageant get a great goodie bag and a ribbon. The rescue centers at the fair are also open for adoptions, so if you’ve been looking to adopt a dog, then this might be the best chance to do so. Aside from the adoption services, on-site pet services are also available, including rabies vaccination, microchipping, and licensing opportunities.

  1. Old Town California

If you’re looking for a hands-on history lesson, you can take the kids to Old Town, California. Old Town is popularly known as California’s birthplace and is where the first Spanish settlers arrived in 1769. The family can wander through the historic buildings here, including stores selling homemade soaps, candies, and other souvenirs.

Older children might have more fun visiting the Whaley House, which is believed to be haunted. The Whaley House was even featured on America’s Most Haunted and was the first house made from bricks. Since its construction, the building has served more than one purpose; It has been a courthouse, a theater, and a school.

  1. The New Children Museum

The New Children Museum was designed to encourage children to play, think and make things using hands-on exhibitions. Some museum areas are age-specific, like Reconnecting to Home caters to children over six years of age, while the Sketch Aquarium caters to children over the age of 2.

  1. Maritime Museum of San Diego and USS Midway Museum

Your children can pretend to be pirates when touring the floating maritime museum. The museum has nine boats, including a submarine, powered boats, and a sailing ship.

  1. Birch Aquarium at Scripps

If you’re on a tight budget or have limited time in San Diego, you can visit Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. This aquarium provides families with attractions that trick your children into believing they are at SeaWorld. The aquarium focuses on ocean education and marine life conservation. It’s an excellent option for those with toddlers as they love to get up-close views of tanks full of beautiful lionfish, glowing creatures and silvery sardines.

  1. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s main attraction is the African Tram which transports guests over a wide-open landscape that closely resembles the African savannah. Your family can spy on wildlife, including giraffes, rhinos, and cape buffaloes. You can pay an additional fee if you want a closer view of the animals on a Caravan Safari . The zoo park also has several things to do. On hotter days, you can bring swim gear for your kids to cool off in the fountains in the Cool Zone. You can also zip line for an additional fee over the wild animals.

  1. LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California is one of the most interactive attractions in San Diego. There are plenty of activities for your children to enjoy when in LEGOLAND. For example, they can drive pint-sized cars around streets at the Volvo Driving School. They can also build Lego vehicles and race them or program robots. The park also has fun games for parents with The Police and Fire Academy as teams race to stop robbers and put out “fires.”

  1. SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld has ocean-like dolphins and sea lions that are sure to capture your children’s hearts. Your family can walk through shark tanks or take rides on manta and shipwreck rapids.


San Diego has a lot to offer when it comes to family-friendly activities. You can never fall short of things to do here. As you embark on a long list of activities to undertake when vacationing in San Diego, you need a family-friendly place to stay. Get in touch with us, and we will help you find a suitable rental for your budget and family needs.

San Diego is a city of endless appeal with a near-perfect climate year-round and a laid-back, relaxed style. Frequently referred to as the Birthplace of California, San Diego is where Europeans first stepped ashore on the West Coast of the United States. The city has a rich history and a thriving urban core that includes sophisticated art, world-class dining, and inland neighborhoods with a unique style and flavor.

Along with many historical sites and museums, San Diego has over 70 miles of spectacular coastline to explore, featuring miles of incredible beaches, including some of the best family beaches in the country. After a day at the beach, experience San Diego’s easy-going culture by sampling one of the many craft beers or wines found in the region and enjoy some of the city’s unique food offerings.

This shortlist is just a few things that make it hard to find a better family destination than San Diego.


Mission Bay Park

Mission Bay Park is an artificial saltwater bay featuring 27 miles of shoreline, with 19 miles of sandy beaches and eight designated swimming areas. With over 4,235 acres of land and water, Mission Bay Park is the biggest aquatic park of its kind in the country and the ninth largest municipally-owned park in the United States.

While swimmers and sunbathers can take advantage of the warm water and beautiful beaches, the park’s west end consists of a network of channels and islands ideal for wind-surfing and water skiing. Located within the park, Fiesta Island is a popular area with a large off-leash dog park and a diverse population of rare, threatened, and endangered bird and plant species. With boat launching facilities, sail and motorboat rentals, bicycle and walking paths, basketball courts, and playgrounds, Mission Bay Park is one of San Diego’s most fun-filled spots to visit.


Bicycle Around the Bay

One of the best ways to take in the sights and feel the atmosphere is bicycling around the twelve-mile Mission Bay Bike Loop. Several hotels and resorts in the area rent beach cruisers, electric bikes, kid’s bikes, and even tandem surreys, which can hold up to four adults and two children. The flat, scenic route travels around the bay, passing through 10 public parks and two wildlife reserves, offering loads of wildlife sightseeing opportunities, plenty of grassy areas perfect for a picnic, and several playgrounds for the kids.


Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a wide sandy beach that is just over a mile long, at the center of what is known as the Golden Strand, the area between South Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. A pathway popular for walking, running, skating, and bicycling takes you south to the end of the peninsula at South Mission Beach and north to Pacific Beach. Mission Beach is arguably the most popular beach area in San Diego, with lots of people and activity and drawing large summer crowds to its oceanfront and nearby Belmont Park.


Belmont Park

Belmont Park is a classic amusement park next to Mission Beach that kids of all ages will enjoy, and that can bring out the kid in many adults. Located on the Mission Beach Boardwalk, the small park has attracted thrill-seekers since it first opened in 1925.

The centerpiece of Belmont Park is a 2.600-foot-long traditional wooden roller coaster that debuted at the park on July 4th, 1925, and was designated a National Historic Landmark on July 4th, 1990. The Giant Dipper is a thrill-seeker’s delight, reaching speeds of nearly 50 miles through spiraling drops and sharp winding turns. Towering 73 feet above the ground, The Giant Dipper offers an unparalleled view of the ocean and surrounding area.

Belmont Park offers several other classic rides, such as bumper cars and the Tilt-a-Whirl, and calmer pursuits like an arcade, miniature golf, and a merry-go-round. Along with hot dogs, corn dogs, and cotton candy, you’ll find beachfront dining, shopping, and entertainment for the entire family.


Balboa Park

With nearly 1200 acres, 15 museums housed in magnificent Spanish Colonial Revival buildings from the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition, several gardens, and the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park is a destination you will not want to miss. Balboa Park is also home to San Diego’s most prominent arts organization, the Old Globe Theatre, which presents at least 14 productions and 550 live performances annually on its three stages.

Balboa Park features an incredible set of gardens throughout the park with over 350 plant species hand-picked by botanist Kate Sessions, regarded as the “Mother of Balboa Park.” The Botanical Building is another structure from the Panama-California Exposition that holds about 2,100 individual plants with a pond in front filled with annual displays of lilies and lotuses.

Just minutes away from downtown San Diego, the park features a sports complex designed for international competitions. With picnic areas, playgrounds, disc golf, lawn bowling, a golf course, canyon trails for hiking, and more, Balboa Park is a place that offers something historical, horticultural, educational, and recreational for everyone.


Old Town San Diego

The historic neighborhood of Old Town San Diego is one of San Diego’s best-known attractions. It is where Father Junipero Serra built the first of California’s missions in 1769 and was the first permanent Spanish settlement in the region. A visit to the neighborhood is a step back in time to the mid-1800s when Old Town was the heart of San Diego.

Visit the historic sites and explore life in the 1800s through educational entertainment, preserved and replicated buildings, and museum exhibits. Meander through lush gardens, visit the many quaint specialty shops, and indulge your tastebuds with authentic Mexican cuisine while listening to the strolling mariachis play. Old Town San Diego offers a mix of entertainment, history, and cuisine that creates a unique experience you are sure to remember.


Contact The San Diego Bay Experts at Wander Rentals

Whatever your interests are, world-class attractions, building sandcastles and surfing at the beach, engaging with animals, enjoying the nightlife, or exploring the deluge of art, culture, museums, and monuments found throughout the area, San Diego has something for the entire family.

Whether you are visiting San Diego on business, for a family vacation, or just trying to escape, at Wander Rentals, we can help. We have quality rentals available in some of the city’s most desirable areas at prices that will meet nearly any budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your visit to San Diego a truly unique experience.



You’ve finally made it to a point in time when travel isn’t only restricted to your kitchen and living room (dramatic applause, please) and my, is your mind running wild. You are thinking of idyllic landscapes, lazy days out fishing in the lake, serene ambiances, and sceneries beyond belief. Good thing, we know just the place for you! Wipe that dust off your passport, pack your bags, rent a home with Wander Rentals and brace yourself for an adventure of a lifetime!

Here are the top natural attractions in and around Big Bear.

  1. Castle Rock Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Estimated Hiking Time: 1 hour plus

Trail Type: Loop

Drive time from Big Bear: 6 minutes 

Stretching through 2 miles (3.22 km) of some of the most spectacular attractions known to man, the Castle Rock Trail is your wildest hiking dream realized. We are talking of beautiful streams, eye-catching rock formations, towering trees, panoramic views of the Big Lake, and exceptional views of the San Bernardino Mountains.

You can try the trail by bike if you’ve got some nice leg muscles on you or horseback, because why not? We recommend carrying a nice pair of sunglasses, a hat, and lightweight shoes, because heavy legs should be the least of your concerns when hiking this trail.

  1. San Gorgonio Mountain

Drive time from Big Bear: 1 hr. 5 mins  

Breathtaking as it is, a hike up the San Gorgonio Mountain is not an easy undertaking for the unfit ones. The good thing is, cars are willing to do the hard work for you.

Sitting at approximately 11,503 feet (3.51 km), the San Gorgonio is the tallest mountain in Southern California. With the spot comes resplendent views of Southern California, a bird’s eye view of the desert flora in the far distance, as well as views of other mountains surrounding it. Other activities within the region include fishing, wildlife viewing, and hunting.

  1. Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is the quintessential setting for just about every water activity one can reasonably imagine, including swimming, boating, canoeing, and fishing. Water junkies looking to have a great time will not be disappointed—with the marinas around the lake renting out kayaks, fishing vessels, jet skis, and pontoon boats all through the day.

Embrace the gorgeous scenery created by the lake by going out on family picnics, parasailing, and, for those bold enough, flyboarding.

A point to note: Avoid littering; local wildlife relies on the lake for its survival.

  1. San Bernardino Forest

Stretching a little over 3178 miles (5,114.5 km), the San Bernardino Forest is the largest natural attraction within the Big Bear region. From deserts to jagged mountain peaks and unique flora and fauna, there is a nearly endless list of activities to tickle your fancy here.

Visitors can indulge in hiking, horse riding, camping, fishing, and scenic drives that showcase the area in all its glory. What’s more, the forest also houses a generous amount of wildlife, some of which are seen during the hikes and nature walks. Take Caution! The bears might seem cute, but you will think otherwise when clutched between their jaws.

  1. Boulder Bay Park

Located about 2 km from the Big Bear Dam, Boulder Bay is ideal for all-year-round activities. There’s never a dull moment here, the park promising amazing picnics surrounded by picturesque views, hikes, canoeing in the dam, kayaking, and a string of other exciting water sports. What’s more, you can also spend time cycling around on bikes that are available for hire throughout the day. Your kids will thank you for this one!

  1. The Big Bear Alpine Zoo

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo started in 1959 as a rehabilitation center for animals that sustained injuries during a forest fire and hasn’t slowed down since. With the zoo comes a stunning array of over 85 bird and animal species, some of which include coyotes, owls, bears, bobcats, and wolves. Take your kids on guided tours of the zoo, learn a thing or two about wildlife, and learn about the effect of human activities on wildlife.

  1. The Alpine Pedal Path

The Big Bear never runs out of pleasant surprises, and the Alpine Pedal Path is a great example. Also located within Big Bear Lake, the Alpine Pedal Path is where walkers and cyclists alike converge. The occasional sighting of families or couples on strolls is also not rare.

So, what’s to love about this impressive spot? For starters, the path offers an incredible ambience for bird watching as well as benches where you can sit and enjoy great views of the lake. Not too far off the path is a place that offers delicious BBQs. The best part? The path is wheelchair accessible.

  1. The Cougar Crest Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

The Cougar Crest Trail also lies within the San Bernardino Natural Forest and is a stone’s throw away from the equally exceptional Big Bear Lake. Now, if the scenery around this trail isn’t stunning, we don’t know what is.

Showcased exceptionally are natural environments that boast incredible wildflower varieties and vistas you have to see to believe. Whether you choose to explore the area by hiking or bike riding, the Cougar Crest Trail will have you picking your jaw from the floor.

  1. Butler Peak

There is nothing like Butler Peak when it comes to quenching the wanderlust in you. Often used as a fire lookout station, Butler Peak lies within San Bernardino National Park. Showcased effortlessly is Big Bear Lake as well as other forests surrounding the area. This is where to go if you are looking for time away from the masses. Careful though, the area is quite difficult to access.


Unsurpassed in breathtaking panorama and natural wonders, it’s easy to see why Big Bear is a tourist favorite. We make the experience even more surreal by availing cozy and affordable accommodation options for you. Remember, a vacation is only as good as your accommodation. Make yours unforgettable by booking a rental with Wander Rentals today.

San Diego is a vibrant city with a wide variety of sporting events for fanatics and enthusiasts alike. What is more, you can take part in some such as the Rock and Roll marathon. Taking part is excellent for your health, while you will also be part of a charitable initiative. Above all, there is so much fun from attending sporting activities. Here are the best sporting events to attend during your stay in San Diego.

  1. Breeders’ Cup Horse Racing Derby

The Breeders’ Cup horse racing derby on Del Mar Racetrack is a must-attend event taking place in the fall. You will have the most incredible two days of racing on picnic-style seating with a variety of views. Dining options comprise ice cream, specialty coffees, pizza, grilled sausages, burgers, and fries.

As the race takes shape, step into a bar at the racetrack and sip a margarita, alongside various signature cocktails and craft beers to help spice up the day. Shop for branded merchandise, including caps, hats, tee shirts, bags, and purses.

Race organizers allow for betting windows for enthusiasts and visitors to place wagers on their favorite horses. You will also love keeping up with the action via strategically stationed video boards.

  1. San Diego Rock n roll Marathon

The event takes place on San Diego streets, going through downtown, neighborhoods, and historical landmarks. Apart from bringing a diversity of athletes together, this springtime marathon also doubles as a charitable event.

The race takes an average of seven hours to complete, with a half marathon and a relay held on portions of the course. DJs and live bands pack the streets, urging participants on by playing all music genres from a diverse playlist.

If you wish to participate, prepare for a short night, and be up by 4 am. Eat a modest breakfast and do not guzzle lots of water. Otherwise, you risk standing in a port-o-potty line and miss the start.

  1. Rugby at Torero Stadium

Attend a professional rugby match at the Torero Stadium pitting teams from the Major League Rugby (MLR). Gates open an hour before kick-off, but you must arrive early to allow time for security checkpoint protocols. Parking is available at Mission Parking but with limited slots.

One side comprises individual plastic seats, while the other features concrete bench seats. Bring your cushion or bleacher chair and get set for a fascinating time, where skill, muscle, speed, and sweat converge. Celebrate every skillful maneuver, try, and conversion. See whether you can memorize a cheering song as the local fans chant on while urging their teams.

After an exciting atmosphere, head over to the food section. The stadium boasts a great selection of drink options and food vendors. Outside meals or drinks are not allowed. Why would they when you can get it all inside the stadium?

  1. WWE Monday Night RAW

Pechanga Arena plays host to WWE professional wrestling matches in August. If you enjoy watching these athletes on TV, now you have a chance to see the action live. Stop wondering whether those incredible moves are real. See it happen.

Besides, you will experience feuds, professional egos, and massive muscles as the stars square off. The atmosphere heats up with behind-the-scenes squabbles, face-offs, and aggression, sights you never see on TV. Nonetheless, join other wrestling fanatics by cheering on your favorite wrestlers on a memorable night.

  1. Farmers Insurance Open Golf Tournament

If you love golf, plan to watch the pros on the Farmers Insurance Open. It takes place in January at the Torrey Pines Golf course. Find a spot on the shaded grandstands at the 11th green. Carry sunscreen as you will need to apply or reapply it.

The course has eight sunscreen stations to ensure that you never miss a moment of the game. Be at the fan village located at the epicenter where three holes converge. Have a beer at the cash bar and shop for tournament gear at the merchandise tent. Do not forget to donate and receive a “Keep Calm” paddle.

On the tournament weekend, after play, stick around to enjoy a live DJ performance. You will have so much fun following proceedings from an elevated viewing deck on the 19th hole that offers panoramic views. You cannot miss this tournament.

  1. Baseball at Petco Park

Petco Park, an architectural masterpiece, is a baseball paradise with state-of-the-art facilities and breathtaking views of San Diego. The seating arrangement comprises three sections, a full sun, partial sun with shade, and a full shade.

Experience Major League Baseball’s dining with delicacies that include nachos, sandwiches, grilled fish tacos, cheesesteaks, bacon burgers, and pizza. Indulge in a delicious ice cream served in a baseball helmet. How about that. If you are searching for a sports event to attend in spring, this one wins with accolades.

Bus service is available with a regular schedule. Bring your camera or capture the action from your smartphone. You must also take as many photos as you can to post on your social media pages. There is no better way to brag about the baseball game you attended in Petco Park.

  1. San Diego Crew Classic Rowing Regatta

Enjoy spectating this spring rowing event from Mission Bay, a beautiful shoreline. Practice takes place on Thursday and Friday, with the races happening on Saturday and Sunday. Be there to watch practice sessions on the course.

The Beer Garden will quickly become your favorite spot to catch the action while enjoying craft beer on the shoreline. For meetups with friends and family, be at the Champions Pavilion, situated at the finish line. It has a shaded spot with tents fitted with monitors beaming the event live. Grab a coffee and a bite from the food court.

Parking is available at no charge on Ski Beach, after which you take a shuttle to the main gate. Mingle with rowers and referees during the welcoming party that takes place on a Friday. Other than beer and wine, there are fish tacos too.

Parting Shot

With these exciting sporting events, you have a full itinerary with no room for boredom. If you want to be a part of the action, rent a home with Wander Rentals today.

Big Bear Lake in the heart of California is a visitor’s jewel and the pride of local inhabitants. It is the perfect base for exciting summer activities when the sun comes out, rendering blue skies and glorious landscapes. Big Bear glows with life and adventure in summer. Test your endurance by hiking challenging trails while taking the views. Remember to use your binoculars to catch sight of numerous bird species. Ride the Alpine Slide in Magic Mountain and enjoy the thrill of the banked turns. Let us now dive into the natural attractions to visit this summer in and around Big Bear.

  1. Big Bear Lake

This fascinating attraction derives its water from melting snow in the nearby mountains. The freshwater lake sustained wildlife and was a source of livelihood for the Serrano Indian Tribe that occupied the territory over 2,000 years ago.

Families, friends, and solo travelers will have loads of fun with water activities like kayaking, boating, and canoeing. Alternatively, you can opt to soak in the sun, wade on the lakeshore and enjoy views. Six Marinas on the lake provide water sports lessons and hire out boats or equipment to visitors. Take a dip in the water or cast a line and, who knows, you might get a good catch for the evening barbeque.

  1. Holcomb valley

Holcomb Valley derives its popularity from what was once the gold rush spearheaded by William F. Holcomb. The mining town flourished for about a decade from 1860 before prospectors abandoned it. What remains are rustic buildings, barns, towering trees, and open meadows.

Tour its historical sites, and you can do it anyhow you wish. There are no rules that stipulate you must move from one location to the next. You can opt to go rock climbing or sit back and watch with excitement as other visitors try their hands. Become a prospector and relive the gold rush days by trying to pan for gold. Will you strike it rich? We cannot tell, but you might.

  1. Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain in Big Bear hosts the Alpine Slide with quarter-mile-long sled concrete tracks. Getting to the top involves a ride on a chairlift that offers fabulous views of Big Bear Lake. After that, you get on a sled, tug the control, and off you go to encounter straightway and high-banked turns.

A miniature golf course is another activity you will find most satisfying as you attempt putting on its 18 holes. The attraction features water hazards and greens just like the real ones, and you must join in the fun. Take a break while sunbathing on a deck on the spacious lawn.

  1. San Bernardino Forest

San Bernardino Forest is your ideal outdoor adventure spot this summer. Bear Lake and its surroundings are part of this natural resource whose recreational opportunities include fishing, picnicking, biking, hiking, and horse riding. It is a place where you pack up friends and family without hesitation.

Wilderness areas exist with eight options for you to explore, each with an abundance of panoramic views. Birdwatching is another pastime you can indulge with the possibility of catching a glimpse of peregrine falcons, bald eagles, and the endangered yellow-legged frogs. You will also appreciate its tree species variety, including pine and oak.

  1. Boulder Bay Park

At Boulder Bay Park, you can enjoy a weekend out fishing, kayaking, or canoeing on the Boulder Bay waters. A peaceful ambiance at the beautiful park creates a relaxing atmosphere for a picnic, plus there is a play area for kids. Family pets will love playing with the kids, and the fun goes on until you decide when to stop. The picnic tables overlook boulder island formations and the scenic Big Bear Lake.

Besides, there are walking paths and a floating dock stretching into the water, perfect for quiet immersion and reflection. Water levels go down, revealing a sunbathing beach with views. Carry a camera for snapping memorable moments that you can revisit when you get back to your vacation rental.

  1. Cougar Crest Trail

Cougar Crest Trail is an ideal summer trail spanning 8.5 km (5.28 mi). It is rocky terrain, so you must put on a pair of comfy hiking shoes lest you nurse sores in the evening. Bring your dog too but ensure that he stays on the leash. There is slightly heavy traffic on this trail, and you don’t want your furry friend wandering off.

While on the trail, enjoy sweeping views of surrounding mountains and Big Bear Lake. You will also notice the Western Juniper, a hardy tree with shaggy bark. Carry some water, snacks, a camera, sunglasses, a hat, and a windbreaker.

  1. Bluff Lake Reserve

Bluff Lake Reserve features a 20-acre (8.09 hectares) lake with towering pines and majestic rock outcrops. Discover its mountain marsh and a meadow covered with a diversity of grasses, including wiregrass, bluegrass, dandelion, and checkerbloom.

Hike along its 3.1 km (1.93 mi) loop comprising a well-maintained trail with most of it shaded by mature trees. Enjoy stunning views of the lake and meadow. The terrain is accessible such that children can tackle it making the reserve perfect for family outdoor adventure. Take photographs too from your smartphone or camera.

  1. Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve

This 156-acre (63.13 hectares) attraction boasts an ice age lake, a habitat for bald eagles, and a wet meadow. Minute pincushion wildflowers dot the landscape, and you must kneel to appreciate their beauty. Small quartz rocks cover the landscape, which comprises clay soil that swells, shrinks, and cracks with weather changes.

Stand in awe at the beauty of pebble plains and the panorama of colors from the blossoming flowers. Strap on a pair of boots for the rough terrain and carry a pair of binoculars to catch glimpses of hawks, kestrels, and bald eagles.

Have a Memorable Summer in Big Bear

To enjoy these attractions in Big Bear, you will need a comfy place to stay and unwind after a day of adventure. Rent a home with Wander Rentals. Our properties are in a convenient location from where you can catch the summer excitement.

It is the passionate crowd. It’s the player’s athleticism and the angry coaches. It’s the crowd’s roar. It’s the enormous hot dogs and stadium quirks. It’s the half-time show and actually seeing the full-time result. Watching a live sporting event is a thrilling way to wind down and enjoy life.

In particular, San Diego has numerous sporting events coming up. Many visitors are wandering through the streets with excitement and enthusiasm, enjoying the perfect weather, spectacular miles of shorelines, as well as the best breweries, sports bars, taco bars, and other world-class eateries that this remarkable city has to offer.

Despite being different times, due to the coronavirus pandemic, things are gradually getting back to normal. Popular stadiums, sports bars, beaches, and parks are reopening, of course, with a few restrictions in place to guarantee visitor’s safety. Here are some sporting events in San Diego that you must add to your bucket-list experiences. However, be sure to practice safety, always wear your mask, and maintain social distance as you enjoy all these sporting events in America’s finest city.

  1. Bike The Bay 2021 

Spend some time pedaling around the San Diego Bay and cruise across the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge. All riders can take part in this non-competitive bike ride, as they enjoy the fresh air and scenic flat ride along the Bayshore Bikeway.

Take note that there are plenty of bike rentals and some hotels and resorts along the Bay. Therefore, you only have to grab a bike and start riding. All event proceeds benefit the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, a nonprofit organization passionate about enhancing the quality, connectivity, and safety of life of all riders in San Diego.

  1. Take Part in the Swashbuckler 5K at Spanish Landing Park

The Swashbuckler 5K Run is an excellent way to have fun with your friends and family. It involves a USAT Aquathlon, a 5K run along the Bay and around the ship at Liberty Station, and a swim run. As a result, it is the perfect activity for both adults and kids. Additionally, there is a kid’s splash, and dash and attendees are encouraged to wear fun pirate-themed costumes.

  1. Enjoy the BIG Kahuna Beachfest at Mission Beach

If you want to enjoy a classic Southern California Beach Day, perhaps you should try the BIG Kahuna Beachfest and Fundraiser at South Mission Beach, one of the most popular beaches in San Diego. Here, you can dress up in your favorite costumes, play various beach games, surf, or even head out for a swim. If you do not have the appropriate swimming gear, you can easily rent surfboards, boogie boards, umbrellas, and chairs at Mission Beach Surf Rentals or from the event website as you book your ticket.

  1. Go For the 2021 Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk along Mission Bay Drive

Perhaps you are looking for a meaningful sporting event to get your family involved in meaningful community work, the 2021 Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk is the perfect solution. It is a super fun family event with fun activities for the kids, like the Kids Superhero Dash for Dad. Furthermore, all participants are eligible to win fantastic fundraising awards.

  1. Watch The San Diego Padres at Petco Park

If you are an avid baseball enthusiast, you will be glad to get your Major League Baseball fix at Petco Park by watching the San Diego Padres battle it out with other professional baseball teams every season.  Baseball enthusiasts worldwide come together at Petco Park to watch their favorite sports teams play against each other before their very own eyes.  They also enjoy the impeccable views of the San Diego Skyline and San Diego Bay, as well as several state-of-the-art amenities from the park, ensuring they get an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, the park has a variety of San Diego’s world-class eateries and local craft beer pubs that give a whole new meaning to ballpark food. Visitors can also find a wide array of other spectator sports in Petco Park, including ice hockey, rugby games, indoor and outdoor soccer, marathons, action sports, and international soccer tournaments, and many more.

  1. Get Involved in Various Watersports at the La Jolla

 The San Diego Beach is the perfect place to get involved in your favorite watersports as well as try some new ones. La Jolla is strategically located along the San Diego shoreline and is a reputable visitor attraction. Whether you would like to go on a cave tour, a kayaking adventure, snorkeling, or even participate in various competitions involving jet skiing or surfing, the La Jolla has got you covered. 

  1. Participate in the FACE Foundation Golf Tournament

According to Golf Digest, San Diego is one of the 50 best golf destinations in the world, and for a good reason. The city has over 72 state-of-the-art golf courses with every conceivable setting available.  From mountains to oceans to deserts, golf enthusiasts of all skill levels can enjoy playing their favorite sport year-round, thanks to San Diego’s temperate weather.

Additionally, the FACE Foundation Golf Tournament at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club allows layers to enjoy playing golf with their furry companions. Other than the golfing tournament, there will be an auction, an awards ceremony, dinner, and drinks, all in an effort to support FACE’s lifesaving programs.


Sports are an essential part of American Culture and an excellent way to spend time with family and friends. San Diego has significant sporting events going on, especially during this time of the year, making it an exquisite destination for a family vacation. So, if you are in the mood for a chilled-out beach holiday, San Diego is a superb choice.

Additionally, if you are looking to save money during your San Diego vacation, we recommend booking a rental home with Wander Rentals. We have a wide variety of San Diegan homes that will cater to your needs and fit within your budget. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today and let us find you a gorgeous home away from home. With our help, we will ensure that you get a taste of life in paradise during your San Diegan vacation.