Big Bear is an excellent destination due to its crisp mountain air and blue skies. For starters, the lake banks and high mountains offer cooler temperatures all summer long. It also provides an excellent alpine playground setting due to the abundance of incredible forest trails brimming with activity. To ensure your vacation is everything you want it to be, here are the top 10 must-do activities in Big Bear this summer.


Enjoy a Scenic Hike

Big Bear offers miles and miles of scenic trails around the San Bernardino Mountains and the lake. You get to enjoy everything — from lengthy treks to short and easy outings — depending on your preference. The 1.5-mile Woodland Trail loop offers picturesque lake views with 16 educational posted stops. Therefore, you get the opportunity to learn about the area’s botany, geology, and wildlife.

Equally, the popular Castle Rock hike is an ideal hiking location for families. It is a 2.4-mile round trip through a seasonal waterfall and dense forest that is nothing but captivating. The hiking trails are filled with colorful endemic wildflowers in Spring and Summer that will leave you wanting more.


Have Fun Cycling

While walking tends to get most people feeling relaxed, there is nothing better than cycling along dirt roads. Therefore, you have to check out the Alpine Pedal Path while visiting Big Bear. It is an outstanding location that offers a paved path suitable for all levels of cyclists.

The Alpine Pedal Path is over there miles long from the Serrano Campground to the Stanfield Cutoff. There are also benches scattered throughout the route where you can stop to rest.

Ensure you look out for bald eagles or gaze out at the spectacular views while resting along the way.


Go for a Picnic

Most people are likely to enjoy picnics while traveling than when in their hometown. Going out for a picnic in Big Bear is much more memorable than eating out at a restaurant. The Boulder Bay Park, a couple of miles off Big Bear Dam, presents you with an ideal location for an afternoon picnic.

Spring turns the entire location into a subtle lush green with blooming plants, trees, and flowers. Summer brings in a concert series thanks to the park’s bandstand. Fall, on the other hand, transforms the area with vibrant foliage and spectacular natural beauty. It’s an excellent picnic spot that doesn’t disappoint all year long.


Sample the Local Craft Beer

Are you a brew enthusiast looking to sample Big Bear’s local beer in a historic lodge? The Big Bear Mountain Brewery is an excellent stop during your vacation. You get to enjoy a local handcrafted beer at the onsite brewery and taproom.

There is also a superb kitchen that offers local delicacies to pair with your beer. Of course, you can always try out the famous chili that is crafted with locally brewed Red Ale and covered with onions and cheese. However, start by sampling the miniature-sized beers to find the drink that best suits you.


Experience Authentic Kart Racing

Not many places offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy kart racing. Individuals who are looking to feed their need for speed will find Big Bear Speedway to be exceptional. The SODI RT8 Karts ensure you have an authentic experience during fall and summer.

You also get the chance to choose between a double and single training kart. However, the double option with two steering wheels is excellent for parents with little ones. The track includes everything from s-curves to hairpin turns.


Master Your Water Sport Skills

If you are looking for opportunities to showcase your water sports skills, Big Bear Lake is a glorious place to start. The opportunities to engage in water sports are endless, from pontoon boating to jet skiing and canoeing. What most people love is the chance to practice their fishing skills at hooking bass, trout, and catfish.

The lake also offers water-skiing, powerboating, and windsurfing which makes it a must-visit location. Ensure you get into the smaller vessels — like kayaks and canoes — to get a better view into hidden coves, bays, and inlets. You can always rent out a water vessel at any one of the numerous marinas if you are feeling more adventurous.


Try Horseback Riding

Ensure you try out horseback riding if you are looking to enjoy the stunning Big Bear scenery in style. You get to enjoy plenty of hidden gems without needing to go for a strenuous hike. Therefore, horseback riding lets you enjoy more of what Big Bear has to offer within a short period.

Baldwin Lake Stables, east of The Village, provides a wide range of rides, including a breathtaking half-day ride that goes through the Pacific Crest Trail. The two and three-hour ride ensures there is something for everyone when you visit this sensational establishment. Ensure you check out the private ride and sunset ride options as well.


Visit the Zoo

In 1959, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo was established to help rehabilitate injured animals after a forest fire. Located across the spectacular Big Bear Ski Resort, it includes more than 85 different species. There is no better place to have breathtaking views of black bears, wolves, owls, bobcats, arctic foxes, and so much more.

What is most intriguing about Big Bear Alpine Zoo is the abundance of docents scattered throughout the establishment. They provide hands-on tools and artifacts that can teach you about the rescued and rehabilitating animals. Ensure you sign up for the docent-led tour t get valuable information about all the different species in the zoo.


It’s Time to Zipline

Did you know that Big Bear offers zip lining? Through Action Zipline Tours, you can get to fly across high-speed zip lines that range from 140 to 860 feet long. The adrenaline rush of racing over rocky canyons and through the treetops is out of this world.

Ensure you enjoy the stunning mountain views that Big Bear has to offer while you zipline at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. The first three zip lines are excellent for beginners who need to get comfortable before trying out the remaining six zip lines that get progressively longer and faster. There is even a suspension bridge included adding a bit more thrill to your adventure.


Entertainment and Shopping

The Big Bear Village is a charming destination that offers endless opportunities for entertainment and shopping. There are lots of family-friendly attractions, including bowling, arcade gaming rooms, and urban scavenger hunts. The locally-owned restaurants offer international cuisines that will leave you wanting more.

Ensure you look around for unique gifts and locally made crafts while strolling through the village. Finding an excellent souvenir to remind you of your Big Bear Vacation always comes in handy.


Find a Suitable Short Term Rental Home

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