San Diego is one of America’s most exciting cities. From natural attraction sites to historic museums to romantic activities, there’s nothing you wouldn’t enjoy in California’s Finest City.  Activities range from hiking to enjoying a good time at an exotic beach to sipping San Diego’s native wines to enjoying beautiful live music while watching the sunset. All this makes San Diego the perfect place to build memories with your significant other. 

Instead of the usual evening dinner dates or movies, you can spend your romantic vacation doing new exciting activities. Whether you’re a honeymooning couple or you just want to spice up your love, or you need to take a break from the pressures of life and escape with just your special someone, here are the eleven most romantic activities you can enjoy in San Diego. San Diego has so much to offer, we initially wanted to give you at least ten ideas, but ten is never enough, so we made it 11. Adios!

1. Spend A Night At A Comfortable Furnished Home

Yeah, after landing in San Diego, the first thing you’ll want is a good night’s rest before you start enjoying your vacation. And which better place to stay on a romantic trip than at a comfortable and fully furnished home?  You’ll definitely love Wander Rentals’ fully furnished Airbnb with a comfortable bed perfect just for couples, a hot shower, WiFi, a large living room with TV, and a modern kitchen. Leave your car securely parked in the ample parking lot and enjoy a quiet evening in a serene environment with round-the-clock security. Wander Rentals Airbnb comes with a modern kitchen, so you can spruce up a romantic dinner together and enjoy a home away from home experience, or you can head over to Serea restaurant overlooking the sea for a quick dinner then spend the evening walking along the beach as the sun sets in the distant horizon. Head back to your room for the night as you look forward to all that San Diego has to offer.

2. Check Out San Diego’s Best Winery

You won’t have enjoyed San Diego’s rich culture until you have tasted its various native wines. The most popular place to check out San Diego’s winery is in Temecula, where you get to sample different types of locally brewed wine.  But that’s not the best San Diego gas to offer. Head to downtown San Diego to Bernardo Winery for the best and oldest winery, explore the wine tasting room, and stop by adorable shops with hand-crafts. Move up to the north county and try out the wine at Salerno Winery in Ramona. Take pictures at the winery’s sculptured garden and its ample outdoor space, complete with scenic views of the vineyards. You can even do the night there as the place is too romantic and perfect for a quiet date.

3. Go Strolling Around Balboa Park

Balboa Park, San Diego’s most famous attraction, isn’t just for tourists. It’s the perfect space to bring your special someone at night or during the day. Go to the Old Globe Theater for a memorable evening or stop by one of the museums and gaze at the city’s rich history and culture. Stroll lazily through the stunning gardens and early 20th-century architecture. This place is also perfect for a picnic lunch. Just find a quiet spot away from the crowd and spend some quality time with your date and favorite food.

4. Take A Cruise On San Diego Bay

If you want to see the full glory of America’s Finest City, do it from the deck of a boat. A cruise along San Diego bay presents several romantic cruising options, such as a formal date cruise or a casual romantic cruise at the harbor during the day. But for a romantic couple, sunset cruising is the perfect option as it allows you to gaze at the San Diego skyline at night. Enjoy the sea breeze, the colorful birds, and the breathtaking downtown San Diego aboard Hornblower Cruises and Flagship Cruises & Events.

5. Book A Romantic Night At Gaslamp Quarter

The very name of Gaslamp Quarter sounds too romantic. This place is home to several historic sites and exotic wine bars, clubs, restaurants, and speakeasies such as Noble Experiment. And oh, you can afford the type of fun you want here since there’s something for everyone. Make the date more fun by going on the Murder Mystery Tour or spicing up the night with a movie at the  Theater Box. Take as many Instagram-worthy photos and enjoy the desserts from its Sugar Factory.

6. Take A Hike At Torrey Pines State Reserve

Perhaps all you want is to get away from all the noise and pressure, and Torrey Pines State Reserve offers you just that. Walk with your sweetie along the rocky cliffs of the San Diego coastline and enjoy watching the stunning gliders cruising through the sky. Lie on the sand in one of the nearby beaches and enjoy the natural skyline and the sound of the waves or take a hike in one of the nature trails.

7. Stroll Along Embarcadero To Seaport Village

The romantic Embarcadero along the San Diego Bay is one of the famous places you can take your significant other for a lazy stroll. With its serene public parks and picnic spots, you can enjoy a good time there with your best friend. Just grab a picnic lunch at nearby Little Italy at Mona Lisa Foods or one of the many restaurants available there. Stop along the way and admire the Unconditional Surrender statue near the USS Midway Museum and other pieces of unique art scattered along the Embarcadero. Drop at the Portside Pier for some pub fare or gelato if you need a quick bite or take good quality pictures for the memories.

Suppose you want to do a little shopping or grab a quick snack, head south to Seaport Village. Stop at the nearby entertainment area, The Headquarters, and the famous restaurant for date nights— Eddie V’s.

8. Pick Apples At Jullian

An hour away from La Jolla, is Julian surrounded by its stunning mountains and towns, which are ideal places to explore and pick apples at the many local orchards.

Beginning in September, you can pick apples there any day until they run out, a perfect way to spend a romantic trip in San Diego during Fall. And yes, you can pick and keep the apples that grow from the thousands of apple trees in this nature-filled region. Whether you’re a single couple, a family, or a group, let each of you fill a bag with varieties such as Golden Delicious, Empires, and Fuji. Some of these orchards will offer you an apple pie, fresh apple cider, and apple preserves for your sweet tooth.

9. Enjoy A Full Moon Dinner Cruise

Imagine gazing at San Diego’s stunning skyline under a radiant full moon while cruising lazily aboard Hornblower Cruises’. Can anything be more romantic than that?

The full moon dinner includes a glass of rich champagne, a three-course dinner, beautiful music, a dance session, and a wonderful time under the stars. With a ticket of only $85 per person, enjoy all this, plus the sights and sounds of San Diego bay.

10. Take A Night Stroll At Liberty Station

If you are looking to enjoy live music performance,  public salsa dances, theater, and a meet and greet with working artists, then visit the iconic Liberty Station Arts District every first Friday of every month between 5 pm to 9 pm. Walk hand in hand inside the museums and galleries.

Stroll through the Visions Art Museum’s exhibits and wander through the San Diego Comic Art Gallery. For a wide selection of statues, independent comics, action figures, and graphic novels, stop by the Comickaze Comics. Wrap up the evening with a quiet romantic dinner at one of the food parlors in Liberty Public Market.

11. Enjoy An Outdoor Movie At Dive-In Theater

If you have never enjoyed an outdoor movie, then you can’t afford to miss this romantic opportunity. Take your special someone to Drive-In theater for an exciting outdoor movie. Spend the evening enjoying a good movie treat under the stars.

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